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The Joy Of Text

The world’s greatest actors performing the world’s funniest text conversations

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Josie Rourke


Savoy Theatre, London

The Production

We all have seen, read, (and screenshot) that funny, tragic or tragically funny text conversation on our phones. It might be an epic neighbourhood whatsapp drama about the recycling bins, or a toe curling apology after accidentally sending “Hey babe you up?” to your Mum at 3am.


Inspired by an hilarious exchange between her Mum and Brother that she has kept on her phone for years, film and theatre director Josie Rourke puts together a fast, raucous and breathtaking “I can’t believe you typed that” evening in support of the Ambassador Theatre Group Playwrights Prize in association with Platform Presents. The evening was produced by Isabella Macpherson of Platform Presents and Amy Gardner of Finite Films.

The Creative Team


PRODUCER - Isabella Macpherson of Platform Presents

PRODUCER - Amy Gardner of Finite Films

CO-PRODUCER - Vix Brenninkmeijer

CO-WRITER - Michael Stranney




SOUND - Nik Dudley

LIGHTING - Oli Matthews

BTS FILMMAKER - Elijah Grant

BTS PHOTOGRAPHER - Marilyn Kingwell

PRODUCTION TEAM - Georgina Nicholas

PRODUCTION TEAM - Freya Hannan-Mills

Ambassador Theatre Group Playwright's Prize in association with Platform Presents

The 2022 Playwright’s Prize, for distinctive and dynamic plays of up to 10,000 words, opened on December 7 and entries closed at midday on March 7.  This year there were 1174 submissions, 50% more than in 2021. A prestigious industry judging panel, including Pearl Mackie, Jack Farthing and Pippa Bennett-Warner, will choose the final winner, who will receive a £5,000 cash prize and mentoring from Platform Presents and Finite Films.

“Any kind of platform that gives an opportunity for new, young voices to be heard in an industry that can so often seem completely impenetrable is fantastic. And already we have seen Platform Presents have great successes in catapulting writers to where they should be and encouraged and nurtured.” 
Rhys Ifans, 2020

The 2022 Judges are Amy Gardner (Finite Films) Aki Omoshaybi (Actor, Writer & Director), Charlotte Colbert (Director), Dianna Agron (Actor & Producer), Dipal Acharya (Writer & Journalist), Dougray Scott (Actor & Producer), Helena Lee (Writer & Journalist), Isabella Macpherson (Platform Presents) Jack Farthing (Actor), Jasmine Lee-Jones (Writer & Actor), Jessica Ronane (Casting Director), Laura Weir (Writer & Journalist), Pearl Mackie (Actor), Pippa Bennett-Warner (Actor), Sara-Ella Ozbek (Writer) and Zoe Rocha (Producer).

Time Out Runners Up Prize

Time Out has partnered with Finite Films and Platform Presents to announce five new £1,000 prizes for runners up of the Ambassador Theatre Group Playwright’s Prize. Time Out is sponsoring the 5 prizes for highly commended writers, which will help a larger number of entrants bring their work to fruition. The 2022 prize is now closed. Winners will be announced after the judging in early Summer.

With the generous support of Shin Kong Life Foundation
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