We give a platform to rising
star talent: actors, writers &
directors with a particular
interest in female voices.

Platform Presents Poetry Gala 2019 in aid of Platform Presents Playwrights Prize.

Juliet Stevenson, Denise Gough, John Standing, Lindsay Duncan, Jason Watkins, Rhys Ifans, Romola Garai, Nicholas Pinnock, Tobias Menzies, Danny Kirrane, Dougray Scott, Jaime Winstone, Kyle Soller & MORE.

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20th January 2019, 7:30pm


The Playhouse Theatre. Northumberland Ave, London WC2N 5DE


Natalie Abrahami

Supported by

The Ambassadors Theatre Group


"I found Platform Presents absolutely fantastic. I think Gala and Bella are people to watch. They're just so organised, so passionate. It's been a total dream; I hope to do more with them." Polly Stenham, Playwright.

"We are both fascinated by the craft of theatre, television and film, but also the need which exists in this incredibly competitive industry to give a platform to rising star talent, and female voices. So we decided, without any blueprint, to set up a production company that did just this. I was inspired by the off-Broadway culture of underground theatre in New York, where young talent can take part in play readings or film readings. We brought this concept to the UK to showcase rising stars, our aim to build a collaborative, creative community for the up-and-coming alongside established artists." Harper's Bazaar 2018"

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Gala and Isabella are a unique team, combining a rising star actor with experience of the challenges which actors, writers and directors face in the theatre, TV and film industries, plus a producer with years of experience in creating a range of productions for diverse audiences. Platform Presents creates opportunities, and a space for people we admire, want to support or work with, to flourish creatively.

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All profits raised are put back into platforming rising star talent and female voices.

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