We give a platform to rising
star talent: actors, writers &
directors with a particular
interest in female voices.

2019 Platform Presents Playwright's Prize.

We are thrilled to announce the 2019 Platform Presents Playwright's Prize of £5,000 and Platform Presents mentoring moving forward, goes to Leah Gasson for 'That Awful Sound.'

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Submission's received



Leah Gasson

2020 Platform Presents Playwright's Prize

Submissions open November 2019

Who We
& What
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PLATFORM PRESENTS CIC, founded by actor Gala Gordon and producer Isabella Macpherson, is a non-profit theatre company which gives a platform to rising star talent: actors, writers and directors, with a particular interest in female voices. /// PLATFORM PRESENTS PRODUCTIONS was founded to develop film and television productions. /// The PLATFORM PRESENTS POETRY GALA is held annually in January each year, with stars of the stage and screen performing the world's best loved poems to raise money for... /// THE PLATFORM PRESENTS PLAYWRIGHT'S PRIZE - An international competition for playwrights launched in December 2018. The winner receives funds and mentoring from Platform Presents.

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Gala and Isabella are a unique team, combining a rising star actor with experience of the challenges which actors, writers and directors face in the theatre, TV and film industries, plus a producer with years of experience in creating a range of productions for diverse audiences. Platform Presents creates opportunities, and a space for people we admire, want to support or work with, to flourish creatively.

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All profits raised are put back into platforming rising star talent & female voices.

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